Monday, July 23, 2012

P90X Yoga Review

Yoga X Review

Yoga X is a high intensity Yoga workout that was first introduced in Tony Horton’s P90X fitness routine, in the P90 X program there is an hour and 30 minutes especially assigned for Yoga X, an intense Yoga routine. I know some people don't like doing yoga but I love this yoga routine. It is invigorating as you work on coordination, flexibility, strength and balance.

Flexibility is also, very often, the most overlooked aspect of physical fitness, but a necessity, so don’t miss this phase of the P90X program, it is very helpful.

Equipment-wise, you will need a mat for some poses. It’s also wise to have a yoga block, though in a pinch a small, sturdy box or a copy of War and Peace will do. Look for something with the same dimensions of your standard issue yoga block, which measures 9”x4”x6”.

The Warrior 3 cycle is unbelievably brutal, but you're rewarded with some wonderful balance poses and stretches to conclude (minus a little 10 minute stretch called Yoga Belly 7).

If at any time during this workout you feel any low back strain, go into Child’s Pose and stay there until you feel better. It’s a marvelous pose for releasing tension in the back. Here is a brief rundown of what is included in the Yoga X routine.

 If you would like to check the P90 X Yoga workout Schedule CLICK HERE

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